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Hospital Episode Statistics (HES), Last 3 Year Summary Stats

HES  Summary Stats for Most Recent 3 Years

NHS England: HES, Inpatient Primary Diagnosis summary table. 


The Primary Diagnosis: summary tables group together broadly associated diagnosis codes to provide a reference summary for the otherwise extremely detailed diagnosis field. The codes, normally covering a range, are at a 3-character level that consists of a letter followed by two numbers. The codes are accompanied by a complete description of the diagnosis group.

List of ICD10 Diagnosis Codes by Chapter Groupings

ICD10 Chapter Desc Cause of death (ICD-10)
Certain infectious and parasitic diseases Acute poliomyelitis [A80]

Health in the USA

Collection of indicators and visualizations attempting to promote Performance Measurement, Mansgement and Accountability Best Practises and Evidence - Based Decision Making in the US

USA Healthy People 2020, Diabetes Maps


    % self-reported Adult Diabetics by State 2009 
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CMS US ICD-10 Implementation Timeframes

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Indicator list: Health of Canadians by Province

    Total Population by Area (Best # Estimate)
    Population Density
    1.01 Influenza immunization (%)
    1.02 Regular medical doctor (%)

Map of Hospitals

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(HES) ICD10 Primary Diagnosis: Indicator List

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