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CanadaIn Data

A collection of Visualizations using Canadian & other country comparator OpenData.

Healthy Canada
Healthcare related Indictors, intra-provincial data visualizations, hosptial maps, Canadian institute for Health Information (CIHI) DataMarts and Statistics Canada (StatsCan) population, financial, statistical and enviromental data analysis tools.

Health in the UK

Public health system data and analytics for the United Kingdom.

The NHS Hospital Episode Statistics Model:  currently containing Inpatient Data using Diagnosis Groups but looking to expand into costing and performance measurement,  management and accountability data for improved analysis, exploration  and health systems modeling.  Our goal is to allow stakeholders to use information for better decision-making: please see


Health in the USA

Collection of indicators and visualizations attempting to promote Performance Measurement, Mansgement and Accountability Best Practises and Evidence - Based Decision Making in the US

Health in Canada

Contains an ever growing collection of datasets that can be used for Health System Planning & Analysis, evidence-based funding decision-making and public understanding.

Indicators, Maps and DataMarts using Open and Public data sets to assist in the Performance Measurement, Management & Accountability of complex healthcare systems.


Open Data meets Decision Support

Hey we've got these tools and lot's of people seem to need help looking at data...


This site throws together the new movements of #OpenGov and #OpenData with our toolkit to create #OpenDecisionSuppprt (all these data visualizations are open for you to explore)


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